Custom Joinery

table using custom joinery

Custom Joinery

We are Brisbane’s leading custom or bespoke joinery company.  Joinery simply refers to the joining of pieces of timber together. Custom or bespoke Joinery means it’s made to measure. Traditional wood joinery techniques address the distinctive material properties of the timber without resorting to the use of mechanical fasteners like screws and nails. There are different types of joinery each with its own use – for example the joinery used to build a house is different from that used to make furniture.

Joinery can be subtle, remaining hidden or else it can be a decorative feature aimed at attracting attention and adding to the beauty of an item.

Finer Living is expert in all forms of custom joinery for all kinds of projects – from the home to the office and through to larger commercial applications.  Finisher Finishers approach small and large projects with a high level of care and attention to detail. From free standing furniture such as tables and chairs to individual custom made built-ins and full hotel bedroom suites we employ a diverse range of construction methods for maximum value and superior results.

Conveniently situated in Brisbane’s northside our custom furniture division is ready for your special challenge.

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