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Wine Glass Table


This table, affectionately dubbed the wine glass table, was designed by the team at Finer Living and was a true pleasure to work on.

The inserts in the top are placed in a pie arrangement using White Zebra wood whilst the round edging of the table is Solomon Blackwood (a very heavy timber with a black/brown appearance), cut into pieces which follow precisely each pie section of the veneer. 3mm solid timber inserts of Solomon Blackwood run along each leaf of veneer meeting in the middle off the table.

The base, shaped to form a red wine glass, is made from solid Queensland Silver Ash and is turned to a small taper at the base. The nosing or edging around the base is also Solomon Blackwood and gives the base a visual starting point.

The finish applied is a 60% clear finish and is hard wearing – this table does need glass to protect the finish and is a every day dining room table.

We are also making 8 dining room chairs to match this table – so stay tuned to see the final result!