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Welcome to Finer Living

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Finer Living in Brisbane are custom furniture creators and bespoke joinery experts. We use age-old methods to set new standards for the production of timeless, functional, and reasonably priced handcrafted pieces which stand the test of time.

As Australia’s premier furniture craftspeople we take a unique approach, guiding the furniture creation process from tree or timber type and wood selection right through to design and delivery of your perfect piece to ensure superior results for our valued clients throughout Australia. We will fly to your premises be it in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, if it helps to define your exact requirements.

Finer Living specialises in designing and restoring furniture with a personality of its own. Each one of us is unique and so too is every Finer Living creation. Our Brisbane team works with the utmost integrity and respect for the timber to retain and showcase its character with stunning results.

We are proud to stand behind our work. We offer a lifetime guarantee for each and every bespoke joinery and custom furniture piece that bears the Finer Living name.

Custom Joinery →

Expertise in all forms of custom joinery — from the home to the office and through to larger commercial applications.

French Polishing →

Application of many thin coats of shellac, still considered the finest and best possible finish for timber pieces.

Bespoke Furniture design & Manufacture →

Created with the highest attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.